Get Involved

Host a Speaker
Invite a Partnership representative to speak at your civic, church or community function. Topics range from general overviews of the Partnership Family Violence Center, to Domestic Violence 101 and even specific topis such as the effects of violence on children, how to create a safety plan, or how to be a victim advocate. Speakers are free and eager to tell the community how they can help.

Put Up Posters
Request domestic violence posters to place in your business or church that will promote the 24-hour hotline for potential victims to call for help. Materials can be mailed or emailed to you at no cost.

Host an Outline
Guerrilla marketing is an effective way to capture the public’s attention. A chalk outline for the “Domestic Violence Kills” campaign can be applied to the ground surface of your place of business or church. The application is made with temporary spray chalk and comes off in a few rains or with soap and water. A Partnership staff will come on-site to apply the outline for you.

Host a Tour at the Center
Invite a group of friends and colleagues to take a 45 minute tour of the Family Violence Center. You will learn about the program, hear from a client, and find out ways to get involved to stop domestic violence.

Contact Holly Ashley at or (423) 697-3829 to arrange for a speaker, tour or to request materials.

Partnership’s Family Violence Center relies on volunteers to answer calls on the 24-hour hotline, provide children’s activities during weekly support group, serve as court advocates, and perform many other essential functions. Training is provided and background checks are completed on all volunteers. Want to lend a hand? Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Murphy, at (423) 697-3830 to get started.


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